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There’s always a Big Inning

Well, here goes nothin’. I got a few pals that do this on a semi-regular basis, and I always get a kick out of their ravings, so, “what the hell,” I sez to myself, I sez. I guess the main idea behind this thing is to keep people kinda semi-informed about what’s goin’ on in my corner of the music biz (which is pretty small, considering my theory on the music biz is that there’s way too much “biz” and not enough “music”… except for the sound of cash registers, which is music to a lot of the weasels’ ears, but maybe not so much lately, if the papers are to believed… but when can you ever believe the papers?? I digress, esp.considering this is a parenthetical offshoot-type deal… how Lester Bangs/ Mr. Smutty of me, dontcha think?… and I’ve never been much of a businessman, which will explain my politics, which we’ll inevitably get into at some point in the next 10 years or so), but more than likely if you care about that sort of thing (what’s happening in my lil’ corner of the biz, I mean), you’ll sign up for the newsletter which comes out sporadically at best, but will give all the pertinent info about the wheres and wherefores pertaining to the ado about yours true- ly.

Some of you will also be dimayed at my complete disregard for grammar and sentence structure, but considering that a stoned chimp could type better than I, I figure I deserve the Order of Canada for even attempting this… speaking of the Order of Canada, our man Holger Peterson of Stony Plain Records is getting one this year… Huzzah!!! Anyone who has the foresight to put out records by Jr. Gone Wild, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch and Corb Lund should be the G.D. P.M., in my humble opinion. Any way, the point I was trying to make was that the sheer force of will it takes me to actually type something longer than 20-30 words should grant me a little leeway in the judges’ eyes when it comes to grammar an’ stuff like that. Oof.

If there’s something in this thing that don’t make sense, or if I’ve offended you, chances are I meant it that wa… I mean, lemme know and I’ll try an clarify. Who’m I kidding? I’ve never seen a clear day (in my head, anyways) in my life. Clear days. We’ve had a lot of ’em lately (and hot, too), so the thunder shower this aft. was a welcome respite. Cooled everything down just enough so’s a Stella could be enjoyed out in the backyard tonight. Was surprised to learn from my friend Slayer #1 this eve. that a lotta people (inc. some farmer-types he’s spoken to) don’t know how big a quarter section of land is. That’s weird to me, but maybe I’M the one who knows a bit too much about the Imperial system of land-measurement. Who knows.

Got a new guitar yesterday, an’ I hope I can figure out how to pay for it. Coop from Huevos used to always strum a G chord on any guit I was lusting after in L&M; (back in the days when he still worked there- God, we missya, Coop!) and say, “Ah yup… there’s a few good songs in this one…”, and it always made me chuckle, even after the 500th time hearing it. However, if there’s any truth to that old adage, then I think there was at least one in the Larrivee D-03 I put on credit. Will know later on in the month whether its a keeper, but today its sounding mighty fine. Its either gonna be called “I Ain’t Buying” or possibly “You’ll Never Buy True Love From the Kissing Booth”, not sure which, but am leaning toward the former, even though it sounds like an old Westerberg title off one of the first few ‘Mats records… which would explain why I’m likin’ it, I guess. I used to fight it, the Westerberg thing, I mean, but really… everyone says/thinks it, and I do have some kinda weird fixation, so I might as well go with it. Better P.W. than Paul Davis (“…on a cool night/just let me hold you by the firelight/if it don’t feel right/you can go…”). Jeezus. I guess the hit parade has sucked for a lot longer than you might initially suspect.

Congrats to Tom and Caroline , who had a baby boy the other day (Mon. Aug. 4, for those of you keeping score). His name is Luke, and unfortunately, he’s looking a lot like his Dad. (KIDDING!! I’m just kidding, Tom…). He’s got a shock of black, black hair, and 10 fingers, 10 toes. That’s all I could tell, as he was sleeping when I caught my first look at him today. Tom’s already trying to figure out if Luke’s gonna be a drummer or a guitar player. With that kinda speculation this early in the game, the kid’s bound to end up an accountant.

That’s all I got fer now,


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