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Chicken Little

Just when you think you’ve got it all worked out, the whole frickin’ sky comes crashing down. I realize that this is not news to most of you, and it sure ain’t news to me either, but every time it happens, I still get tied up in knots. A coupla weeks ago, I had some major shit go down w/ the recording gear and spent a sleepless week trying to get my record done in time for the folk fest. While i didn’t get it all sussed ‘fore the festival, I made do, and then immediately after the weekend, everything was working perfect. Weight off the shoulders. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Fat chance, pal!”, sez the Gear Gods. “We’re gonna screw up the mixing desk so’s you can’t get nothin’ but distotion on EVERY channel.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

See, I went over there to try and rectify another piece of trauma I’ve got going w/ this record I made for the Bent Spoon Ensemble (should come out in the fall, I hope. HA!), and after I’d just about given up completely, the German comes over w/ 6 and an idea about a song we started about 2 months ago called “Last Call Lights”. Well, I’m schtupped if we didn’t finish it, and its good. I then get the idea of laying it down demo-style, so we work out the arrangement and throw up some mics, and then, POW! no more mixing desk. Toast. What the hell?!?!?!

Who knows. Anyway, I’m gonna have a hellish week trying to figure out what’s wrong, and not only that, I gotta record my track for the Stompin’ Tom tribute AND have it together to lay down beds for Stagger Lee’s album, all in the next 18 days.

Shite. I’m goin’ tabed.

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