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Mr. October

I was just looking at my pal Jim Bryson’s website, and realized that if I have a blog, I should really write something now and again. I’m tired and should be in bed, but here goes…

I’m officially sick of my new record. After starting it twice, almost finishing it once, and spending 2 and a half months on the 3rd version, it’s now mixed and mastered and I can STOP LISTENING TO IT!! I was really proud of it yesterday, but this evening driving around w/ Mel and Kyle for the photoshoot, it sounded bad. Full of mistakes and bad judgement. Kinda like life, I guess. Thing is, I learned a LOT of stuff doing it, so I know the experience will bear fruit. I’m just never gonna play bass again, that’s all. It sucks trying to play bass when you suck at playing bass. Then hit “record” on top of that, and see how you feel. The most important lesson I learned in all of this was, “Hire a bass player, dummy! Quit being so vain and control-freakish, and hire a bass player!”

Started on putting a tour together today… oof. The music business is brutal. I’m so glad that Dawn, Jen, Ken, Slayer and DB are on my side, ‘cuz I’d be drooling in a straitjacket in no time w/out them.

The record’s gonna be called “A Dime At A Time” and it’ll be out in October. I think I’ll probably like it again by then, but the next one’s already coming together in my head, and the head version walks all over this one.

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that the people who gave me hell for not writing have probably given up, but hopefully we’ll spruce up the site a bit when the record comes out, and someone will read this drivel.

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