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THE Snide, and how to lose money the easy way…

From the liner notes to the new Todd Snider record, “East Nashville Skyline”:

“…all the songs on this record are true songs about true people I know and the opinions they have, the ones I have, the shit we go through and just some of my own personal stories and feelings… I have never once tried to figure out what people wanted to hear so that I could make music like that and then make a fortune in show business… that’s not why I work on these songs. Songwriting helps me through my life, shows me how to feel things closer, know people better, heal faster, improve myself, notice more and laugh harder… so I do it. That’s why.”

I hope I’m not infringing some copyright laws by putting that on my site w/out permission, but I hope someone who may not otherwise know of Todd Snider will go and buy his record(s) based on that lil’ blurb. It goes on much longer and in way more detail and is reason enough to buy the CD. Jen thinks I’m crazy for buying CDs for the liner notes, but hey- the Buffalo Tom b-sides comp’s notes were awesome… even though I already had ‘em all on other CDs… I digress… Snider has an acute understanding of the human condition, I think (MY condition, anyway) and even though he’s a hippie and LOVES Widespread Panic (shudder), he writes great songs. GREAT songs.

If this touring idea pans out, I’m a little scared of how much money I’m gonna lose. Thing is, I don’t have any, so going into debt is the only option. Most of my record collection is gone (I sell ‘em once I read the liner notes), and I patently REFUSE to sell any more instruments. I just have to patently refuse to buy any more… I guess…maybe.

Release parties are booked for here and E-town, so I guess the promotional machine will be cranking up again. If it’s half as good as last time, first-month sales will be in the tens.

Whatever. Joe Chan offered to let me review my own record for the October issue, which I might just do, but depending on how I’m feeling about it, it’ll either sabotage sales, or load up my AND izzum’s answering machine/email box w/ hate. I’ll lose, either way, but it might be good for a coupla laughs. Ummm… the Vail Halen record is awesome. Buy it right after you buy mine. Actually, since it’s coming out before mine, buy mine after you buy his…

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