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2xAustin: Greybeards and Hipsters, unite!

Looks like we’re heading back to Texas- the International Folk Alliance is having their annual conference (I fondly refer to it as “the Folk Nazi Convention”)in Austin this year, and I’m gonna be part of the “Beaver Suite” showcase. Also, the Brass Tax and I just recieved an invitation to play at the SXSW Festival in- yup- Austin. Twice in a little over a month! I can’t wait. The only downside to Austin is the fact that it’s in Texas, but considering the fact that I live next door to where Chairman Ralph was born (seriously! …he probably learned to walk in what is now my back yard… oof.), I guess I can handle the proximity to the State Capitol, where all the Bushes took root. Austin’s a killer town, and I can’t wait to folk it and then rock it in the span of a few weeks…

Don’t forget about the rock show w/ the Summerlad at Weeds on Friday (Dec 2nd), and the songwriter’s nite w/ the fabulous Stagger Lee Shedden at Karma on Thursday (Dec 1st). Tons o’ fun!!

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