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Hollywood(ish) North, and then some

Well, it worked for Death Cab For Cutie, so why not me? Nope, I’m not gonna be on the O.C., but you’ll be able to hear “I Think I See The Light” off my last record on Global’s sure-to-smash O.C.(stands for O Canada)sun/sand/cleavage/cheekbones “drama”, “Falcon Beach“.

The show’s debuting on January 5th, on Global in Canada and ABC Family in the States. That’s right, folks- ABC Family– G-rated U.S. cable! After all these years of tears and trials, I’ve made it… to G-rated U.S. … cable… . Shoulda listened to my guidance counselor and become a forest ranger. Anyway… Jeff and Linda or Justin and Rebecca or Chad and Brittany or whatever their names are (I can’t remember), are, according to the script, “…sailing, and enjoying themselves- for a change.” while my song is playing. It’s guaranteed to air, too, ‘cuz my scene’s in the first episode.


Set yer VCRs, or yer TIVO, or whatever… maybe. If you wanna…

Last week’s Karma show was awesome. In honour of Christine from Louisiana’s swearing-in as a Canadian citizen earlier that day, she got up w/ me and led the whole crowd in a rousing version of (hmmm… twice in one sitting… odd.)O Canada… then I tried to play the Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen”, but to no avail. Randy Hutchings was awesome, both as a performer and a drinker.

This week’s guest is Johnny Stewart from local rock heroes Mico. Gonna be killer. See you there.

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