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Like DeGrassi all over again

Those of you in the Cowtown/E-Town axis may have gotten a slice of the mini-media blitz last week when “Falcon Beach” aired, w/ one of my tunes in the episode. I just kinda thought it was amusing to have my music included in what is essentially a teen soap opera, but there were some who were quite impressed. Maybe not by the show (which at the time of the sory in the paper, had not aired yet), but by the fact that I was in it. The best response after it aired, however, was, by far, from my pal Don Best. Here, for your enjoyment, is what he wrote (I asked his permission)after seeing the show:

I like to think of myself a good friend. I don’t always do everything
I should but I try. If someone is moving, they just have to call me
and I will come help. If a friend needs to talk about something I can
listen with the best of them, I will even try to offer some
suggestions if I think it will help. I never seem to have much money
but sharing it with friends always seems right. I like to think I do
all these things and not really ask for anything in return.

Well this time I have to ask for something. A friend of mine, I
think you know him, had a song of his played on a tv show last week.
So, I watched this particular program, the whole thing actually as I
didn’t want to miss my friend’s contribution to this groundbreaking
piece of television history. It is an hour I will never forget as it
is one I can never get back. I couldn’t figure out if the show was a
parody of bad tv or just bad tv. I think it was written by some kids
in high school and not the smart ones. It always amazes me that
people get paid for writing and producing stuff that is that bad. And
then what really pissed me off is the network (can you call Global a
network, it seems like too strong of a word?), did the thing where
the start the promo for some other show right away on a split-screen
so you couldn’t even see the credits. So much for my friend getting
some exposure out of the whole deal.

Anyway, if you see my friend tell him that I think he owes me a beer
the next time he sees me.

p.s. do you think my friend has a song on this week’s episode? If he
did I should really watch again because I think that Tanya is still
using and Jason is just too naive to figure it out. I don’t want to
see him get hurt, he seems so nice.


To be fair to the folks @ Global, they gave me a coupla nice plugs on the Falcon Beach website, under “The Music” and the episode synopsis under “About the Series”, so props to them.

I wonder if Zit Remedy is still together…

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