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Happy New Year – Big Secret/watch yr Demeanor (and the TV)

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope the holidays were good and peaceful, and that ’06 is the same.

Once you’ve finished watching “Falcon Beach” tomorrow nite, come on down to Karma, where my very special guest will be Kris Demeanor, back in town for a holiday visit and a coupla shows. KD is also one of many who will be joining the Rheostatics next Friday the 13th of January at the Big Secret Theatre, where the Rheos will be holding a Western version of their ever-popular “Guest Vocalist” night. The boys are in town as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo, and they’ll be doing 5 shows- one of which is the aforementioned Guest Vocalist night. Besides myself and Kris, Chantal Vitalis, Chris Vail, Dolly Sillito, Stagger Lee Shedden, Garrett McClure, Mark Hamilton, Kenna Burima, Jason Crocker, Anita Athavale, Allen Baekeland, Clinton St. John and a host of others will convene on the 13th to front the Rheostatics… live Rheo-karaoke if you will. Check out the HPR website for ticket info.

Later on…

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