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First, The Great Bob, then Hollywood, then… oof. Where’s the money?

To say that I’m excited about the prospect of opening for Bob Mould this coming Friday (the 3rd, @ Mac Hall Ballroom, UofC) is an understatement… it’s almost as exciting as the prospect of having David Usher open for us next Tuesday (Mar. 7) in L.A. Really. I’m not kidding! Sometimes, you just gotta laugh when the weird shit happens. ‘Course, right after that is Spooky Dadge’s (Brass Tax’ inestimable drummer)birthday party @ Karma, where he’s gonna play some of his solo stuff, followed by a folked-up/rocked down Brass Tax set, then off to Austin for SXSW, then… March is gonna be fun, maybe check the shows page for all deets.

The only downside to all of this is the fact that I’ve run out of money. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul so many times before they’re both bloodied and broke, and when you throw a ’94 GMC Safari into the mix, on top of trying to get a record done, well, the outlook is grim, to say the least. A fundraising initiative may be on the horizon, folks. Maybe a telethon, or something. “Ring those phones! Ring those phones! We gotta pay for transmissions, wheel alignments, mastering and artwork!! Ring those phones! Larry’s kids needya!”

Anyway, speaking of fundraising, we (the Brass Tax and I) had a great time this past Sunday playing at the Sage Theatre’s fundraising event, where they made a ton o’ cash for their company AND had a great time. Next fundraiser I’m involved in is for the Alberta Bound showcase in Austin. Here’s what Marlene D’Aoust, esteemed organizer of the showcase and all-around awesome gal has to say:


Where: Blue Chair Café (9624 – 76 Avenue, Edmonton)

When: Sunday, March 12 @ 7:00 pm

Tickets: $10.00
tickets available by calling 780-989-2861 or at the door

Songwriters in the round… three of Alberta’s finest singer/songwriters… Rob Heath, Lorrie Matheson and John Wort Hannam take to the stage immersing the audience in a variety of musical styles and moods. Each will present their songs in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.


Official SXSW Party
Alberta Bound
Brush Square Park
5th and Neches (adjacent to the Hilton and the Convention Centre)
Thursday, March 16, 2006
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Refreshments and Snacks

Sponsored by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Bound is an Official SXSW Party. Coordinated by Marlene D’Aoust (Free Expression) and Chris Martin (Bristol Agency), Alberta Bound captures the spirit and diversity of Alberta through the performer’s original and unique music.

Cadence Weapon (Rap)

John Wort Hannam (Alberta Heartland Folk)

Lorrie Matheson (Alternative Pop)

Rachelle Van Zanten (Roots Rock (also plays mean slide guitar creating an echo of the blues)

Rob Heath (Singer/Songwriter – a tasteful mix of folk, country & pop)

Shout Out Out Out Out (Electro-Rock)

For the exact performance times for the artists, call Marlene or Chris .

Alberta Bound Organizers
Marlene D’Aoust, Free Expression
Cell: (780) 919-5751

Chris Martin, Bristol Agency
Cell: (780) 905-0558

Alberta Foundation for the Arts
CKUA Radio
Blue Chair Café
High Beam Events

Hey! I’m not a folksinger anymore! Thanks God for small mercies… and Marlene and Chris Martin (not the Coldplay dude, the CM from E-town).

That’s all for now, folks… I’ll say hello to Danny DeVito and the palm trees for ya, and maybe “Push… just a little too late…” huh? WTF? I better get my hair done. And a stylist.

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