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They Came West, or: How many records can one man make?

Well. As we forge into ’06, holler-daze behind us, things get stupid busy, and quick. The Rheostatics have commenced their residency at the High Performance Rodeo, with Friday the 13th of January being their Guest Vocalist Night. A pile of locals will do vocals w/ the Rheos backing ’em up. Here’s the line-up:

Anita Athavale, Allen Baekeland, Ayla Brook, Kenna Burima, Jay Crocker, Kris Demeanor, Mike Evans, Mark Hamilton, Kara Keith, Lorrie Matheson, Garrett McClure, Lee Shedden, Dolly Sillitto, Clinton St. John, Tariq, Chris Vail and Chantal Vitalis.

We all got to pick our fave Rheo-tunes, so come down to the Big Secret Theatre and cheer/egg us on.

Tom Phillips is my guest this week @ Karma (Thursday the 12th), where this week marks the beginning of the $5 cover to defray the incredible cost of my rider. Hydroplanes don’t come cheap, y’know.

This Thursday also marks the beginning of work on the next Rock Album, working title, “You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve!”. The Brass Tax are gonna be on this one, and if we’re not careful, it may win the prestigious “Inglewood’s Most Rocking Rock Album” of ’06. I figger there’s gotta be some kinda separation between the Tax record and the acoustic one I did w/ Jay Crocker (tent. title- “All Of This Will Be in Vein” (sic)), so the Tax album’s gonna be a loud one… or maybe it’s gonna be loud because of my new favorite band. Yup. 2 records in one year. I got money to burn, folks.

More shows coming up, so stay tuned. Hope to see you out this week if you’re around, and if not, then not.


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