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Thank you, friends


To everyone who came out last night to the shows- I was humbled and flattered by the turnout and the love…
Jon Gant, who opened the shows, is simply marvelous, and a top-drawer dude, as well.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of so many great people – shout-outs to Rene and all the Ironwood staff (what a gong-show! you guys are pros!), JT (awesome sound, dude!), Tory in the CBC truck, Katherine and Catherine from CBC Calgary, Myke and Chad and everyone at CJSW, Brad from Steamwhistle, John Rutherford, Kenneth Locke, and of course the SBR crew- Jen Abel, Dawn Loucks and Owen Merrifield, AND my love, Jen.

Beautiful. Just beautiful…

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