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The Night is for Sleepers

Finally, the new record is out! I’ve mostly kept it to myself for the last 8 or so months, save the few advance CDs I sold at last years Calgary Folk Fest. A lot has happened since then, mostly amazing things, as I continue to make some really amazing records with all kinds of great artists in my studio. It kinda plays havoc with my own stuff when I’m trying to help others get their records finished, but I can’t complain, as there’s some real magic happening in this little room.

I type this as I await the arrival of the band for rehearsal, some dear friends are going to help me celebrate the release of this thing on Thursday the 18th, over at the Ironwood, and I couldn’t be more happy with how it’s sounding. These guys and gal have gone beyond the call in learning the new record, and some of my faves from past releases. I hope you folks in Cowtown can come to the show, it starts at 8 pm sharp, like I already said, at the Ironwood, Thursday April 18. Big thanks to Emily Burrowes, Chris Dadge, John Hadley, Garth Kennedy and Ken Price for sounding so good.

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on the cover art for this record – I too think it is beautiful – and I want you to check out Ninalee Irani’s work. She is a great artist and I love the way the cover has turned out.

Mosey on over to the Bandcamp site where it’s streaming, and I’d love to send you an LP (who doesn’t like getting mail?), which you can order right there whilst listening to crappy 128 kbps mp3s. Higher-res digital files are also available there, or if iTunes is more your vibe, you can get it here.

Locally you can buy the record at these great stores, which you should support, regardless of what records you buy – Hot Wax, Sloth, Melodiya, The Inner Sleeve and Heritage Music.

That’s it for the sales pitch, I’m gonna go play some music now.

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