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Birthdays and other important dates

Yup. Now that we’re past Labour Day, it’s time for- you guessed it- my birthday party! I’m past being bitter about the old geezer comments and am now just happy to be (barely) alive.

Come down to Vern’s Bar (822 8 Ave SW, a few doors west of the Uptown Theatre) on Saturday, September 16, where the Brass Tax and I will be doing our last show of the year. $8 cover includes a kick-ass set by our pals Ghostkeeper, featuring Shane Ghostkeeper, George Ghostkeeper (bass), Sarah Houle (drums), and Jay Crocker (Jay Crocker). Please, no gifts or condolences- just come down and have some fun w/us. You never know- there might be cake!

The Songwriter’s series is looking good this month as well-

Sept 7-Rae Spoon
Sept 14-Jay Crocker
Sept 21-Jenny Allen
Sept 28-Lonnie James

The Songwriter’s series is a weekly event I host on Thursday nights @ Karma Local Arts House (2139 33 Ave SW), where each week I get up and folk out, solo-style, to start and end the night. Each week, a special guest comes in and does a feature set between mine. It’s good. You should come. Shows start at 9:30, cover’s $5.

For those of you who are funning me about the LOB (Lack Of Blogging), screw you. I’m honing my Bob Vila impression in my garage.

First, The Great Bob, then Hollywood, then… oof. Where’s the money?

To say that I’m excited about the prospect of opening for Bob Mould this coming Friday (the 3rd, @ Mac Hall Ballroom, UofC) is an understatement… it’s almost as exciting as the prospect of having David Usher open for us next Tuesday (Mar. 7) in L.A. Really. I’m not kidding! Sometimes, you just gotta laugh when the weird shit happens. ‘Course, right after that is Spooky Dadge’s (Brass Tax’ inestimable drummer)birthday party @ Karma, where he’s gonna play some of his solo stuff, followed by a folked-up/rocked down Brass Tax set, then off to Austin for SXSW, then… March is gonna be fun, maybe check the shows page for all deets.

The only downside to all of this is the fact that I’ve run out of money. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul so many times before they’re both bloodied and broke, and when you throw a ’94 GMC Safari into the mix, on top of trying to get a record done, well, the outlook is grim, to say the least. A fundraising initiative may be on the horizon, folks. Maybe a telethon, or something. “Ring those phones! Ring those phones! We gotta pay for transmissions, wheel alignments, mastering and artwork!! Ring those phones! Larry’s kids needya!”

Anyway, speaking of fundraising, we (the Brass Tax and I) had a great time this past Sunday playing at the Sage Theatre’s fundraising event, where they made a ton o’ cash for their company AND had a great time. Next fundraiser I’m involved in is for the Alberta Bound showcase in Austin. Here’s what Marlene D’Aoust, esteemed organizer of the showcase and all-around awesome gal has to say:


Where: Blue Chair Café (9624 – 76 Avenue, Edmonton)

When: Sunday, March 12 @ 7:00 pm

Tickets: $10.00
tickets available by calling 780-989-2861 or at the door

Songwriters in the round… three of Alberta’s finest singer/songwriters… Rob Heath, Lorrie Matheson and John Wort Hannam take to the stage immersing the audience in a variety of musical styles and moods. Each will present their songs in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.


Official SXSW Party
Alberta Bound
Brush Square Park
5th and Neches (adjacent to the Hilton and the Convention Centre)
Thursday, March 16, 2006
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Refreshments and Snacks

Sponsored by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Bound is an Official SXSW Party. Coordinated by Marlene D’Aoust (Free Expression) and Chris Martin (Bristol Agency), Alberta Bound captures the spirit and diversity of Alberta through the performer’s original and unique music.

Cadence Weapon (Rap)

John Wort Hannam (Alberta Heartland Folk)

Lorrie Matheson (Alternative Pop)

Rachelle Van Zanten (Roots Rock (also plays mean slide guitar creating an echo of the blues)

Rob Heath (Singer/Songwriter – a tasteful mix of folk, country & pop)

Shout Out Out Out Out (Electro-Rock)

For the exact performance times for the artists, call Marlene or Chris .

Alberta Bound Organizers
Marlene D’Aoust, Free Expression
Cell: (780) 919-5751

Chris Martin, Bristol Agency
Cell: (780) 905-0558

Alberta Foundation for the Arts
CKUA Radio
Blue Chair Café
High Beam Events

Hey! I’m not a folksinger anymore! Thanks God for small mercies… and Marlene and Chris Martin (not the Coldplay dude, the CM from E-town).

That’s all for now, folks… I’ll say hello to Danny DeVito and the palm trees for ya, and maybe “Push… just a little too late…” huh? WTF? I better get my hair done. And a stylist.

Like DeGrassi all over again

Those of you in the Cowtown/E-Town axis may have gotten a slice of the mini-media blitz last week when “Falcon Beach” aired, w/ one of my tunes in the episode. I just kinda thought it was amusing to have my music included in what is essentially a teen soap opera, but there were some who were quite impressed. Maybe not by the show (which at the time of the sory in the paper, had not aired yet), but by the fact that I was in it. The best response after it aired, however, was, by far, from my pal Don Best. Here, for your enjoyment, is what he wrote (I asked his permission)after seeing the show:

I like to think of myself a good friend. I don’t always do everything
I should but I try. If someone is moving, they just have to call me
and I will come help. If a friend needs to talk about something I can
listen with the best of them, I will even try to offer some
suggestions if I think it will help. I never seem to have much money
but sharing it with friends always seems right. I like to think I do
all these things and not really ask for anything in return.

Well this time I have to ask for something. A friend of mine, I
think you know him, had a song of his played on a tv show last week.
So, I watched this particular program, the whole thing actually as I
didn’t want to miss my friend’s contribution to this groundbreaking
piece of television history. It is an hour I will never forget as it
is one I can never get back. I couldn’t figure out if the show was a
parody of bad tv or just bad tv. I think it was written by some kids
in high school and not the smart ones. It always amazes me that
people get paid for writing and producing stuff that is that bad. And
then what really pissed me off is the network (can you call Global a
network, it seems like too strong of a word?), did the thing where
the start the promo for some other show right away on a split-screen
so you couldn’t even see the credits. So much for my friend getting
some exposure out of the whole deal.

Anyway, if you see my friend tell him that I think he owes me a beer
the next time he sees me.

p.s. do you think my friend has a song on this week’s episode? If he
did I should really watch again because I think that Tanya is still
using and Jason is just too naive to figure it out. I don’t want to
see him get hurt, he seems so nice.


To be fair to the folks @ Global, they gave me a coupla nice plugs on the Falcon Beach website, under “The Music” and the episode synopsis under “About the Series”, so props to them.

I wonder if Zit Remedy is still together…

They Came West, or: How many records can one man make?

Well. As we forge into ’06, holler-daze behind us, things get stupid busy, and quick. The Rheostatics have commenced their residency at the High Performance Rodeo, with Friday the 13th of January being their Guest Vocalist Night. A pile of locals will do vocals w/ the Rheos backing ’em up. Here’s the line-up:

Anita Athavale, Allen Baekeland, Ayla Brook, Kenna Burima, Jay Crocker, Kris Demeanor, Mike Evans, Mark Hamilton, Kara Keith, Lorrie Matheson, Garrett McClure, Lee Shedden, Dolly Sillitto, Clinton St. John, Tariq, Chris Vail and Chantal Vitalis.

We all got to pick our fave Rheo-tunes, so come down to the Big Secret Theatre and cheer/egg us on.

Tom Phillips is my guest this week @ Karma (Thursday the 12th), where this week marks the beginning of the $5 cover to defray the incredible cost of my rider. Hydroplanes don’t come cheap, y’know.

This Thursday also marks the beginning of work on the next Rock Album, working title, “You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve!”. The Brass Tax are gonna be on this one, and if we’re not careful, it may win the prestigious “Inglewood’s Most Rocking Rock Album” of ’06. I figger there’s gotta be some kinda separation between the Tax record and the acoustic one I did w/ Jay Crocker (tent. title- “All Of This Will Be in Vein” (sic)), so the Tax album’s gonna be a loud one… or maybe it’s gonna be loud because of my new favorite band. Yup. 2 records in one year. I got money to burn, folks.

More shows coming up, so stay tuned. Hope to see you out this week if you’re around, and if not, then not.


Happy New Year – Big Secret/watch yr Demeanor (and the TV)

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope the holidays were good and peaceful, and that ’06 is the same.

Once you’ve finished watching “Falcon Beach” tomorrow nite, come on down to Karma, where my very special guest will be Kris Demeanor, back in town for a holiday visit and a coupla shows. KD is also one of many who will be joining the Rheostatics next Friday the 13th of January at the Big Secret Theatre, where the Rheos will be holding a Western version of their ever-popular “Guest Vocalist” night. The boys are in town as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo, and they’ll be doing 5 shows- one of which is the aforementioned Guest Vocalist night. Besides myself and Kris, Chantal Vitalis, Chris Vail, Dolly Sillito, Stagger Lee Shedden, Garrett McClure, Mark Hamilton, Kenna Burima, Jason Crocker, Anita Athavale, Allen Baekeland, Clinton St. John and a host of others will convene on the 13th to front the Rheostatics… live Rheo-karaoke if you will. Check out the HPR website for ticket info.

Later on…

Mr. Stewart and the rest of the Good Karma

This is what my pal Joel Stewart has to say about the songwriter’s showcase this Thursday the 22nd-

“Hey Folks…

Just a note to let you know that I will be spreading my unique brand of holiday despair at the Karma Local Arts House on Thursday, December 22nd.

My friend Lorrie Matheson is hosting the event and I will take the stage with an acoustic guitar and an attitude.

If you are in the Calgary area, come out and drink beer.

Say hi to Sparky, the new owner of Karma.

Hear many songs about my crappy life up to this point.

Should be fun.

Please pass this on to anyone I may have omitted.



That about sums it up, really, but he should have added that the many songs about his crappy life up to this point are frickin’ brilliant.

If you can’t get out on Thursday, or if you haven’t had enough of me by then, come down to the Barfly on 11th Ave between 5th and 6th Streets SW on Friday nite, where I’ll lay it down old-school all night long. Say “Happy Xmas” to the bear behind the bar (Clint), and we’ll have some holiday cheer.

Next Thursday, the inimitable Clinton St. John from local faves the Cape May will take the stage w/ me @ Karma, and on Friday the 30th, my old pal Tim Leacock and I (and hopefully some guests) are gonna knock out some rock, duo-style @ Karma. $5 cover on the 30th, just because its a day before The Big One, when you’re gonna pay anywhere from $25-$100 to get in anyplace. So ring in the New Year’s Eve w/ me and Dutch, and then stay home and rent movies on the 31st. It just makes economical sense, dontcha think?

Merry Christmas, all. Cheers!

Hollywood(ish) North, and then some

Well, it worked for Death Cab For Cutie, so why not me? Nope, I’m not gonna be on the O.C., but you’ll be able to hear “I Think I See The Light” off my last record on Global’s sure-to-smash O.C.(stands for O Canada)sun/sand/cleavage/cheekbones “drama”, “Falcon Beach“.

The show’s debuting on January 5th, on Global in Canada and ABC Family in the States. That’s right, folks- ABC Family– G-rated U.S. cable! After all these years of tears and trials, I’ve made it… to G-rated U.S. … cable… . Shoulda listened to my guidance counselor and become a forest ranger. Anyway… Jeff and Linda or Justin and Rebecca or Chad and Brittany or whatever their names are (I can’t remember), are, according to the script, “…sailing, and enjoying themselves- for a change.” while my song is playing. It’s guaranteed to air, too, ‘cuz my scene’s in the first episode.


Set yer VCRs, or yer TIVO, or whatever… maybe. If you wanna…

Last week’s Karma show was awesome. In honour of Christine from Louisiana’s swearing-in as a Canadian citizen earlier that day, she got up w/ me and led the whole crowd in a rousing version of (hmmm… twice in one sitting… odd.)O Canada… then I tried to play the Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen”, but to no avail. Randy Hutchings was awesome, both as a performer and a drinker.

This week’s guest is Johnny Stewart from local rock heroes Mico. Gonna be killer. See you there.

2xAustin: Greybeards and Hipsters, unite!

Looks like we’re heading back to Texas- the International Folk Alliance is having their annual conference (I fondly refer to it as “the Folk Nazi Convention”)in Austin this year, and I’m gonna be part of the “Beaver Suite” showcase. Also, the Brass Tax and I just recieved an invitation to play at the SXSW Festival in- yup- Austin. Twice in a little over a month! I can’t wait. The only downside to Austin is the fact that it’s in Texas, but considering the fact that I live next door to where Chairman Ralph was born (seriously! …he probably learned to walk in what is now my back yard… oof.), I guess I can handle the proximity to the State Capitol, where all the Bushes took root. Austin’s a killer town, and I can’t wait to folk it and then rock it in the span of a few weeks…

Don’t forget about the rock show w/ the Summerlad at Weeds on Friday (Dec 2nd), and the songwriter’s nite w/ the fabulous Stagger Lee Shedden at Karma on Thursday (Dec 1st). Tons o’ fun!!

The Lads, The Tired, The Bears

Here’s the poster for our rock show w/ the Summerlad and others, Dec.2 @ Weeds Cafe…

All-ages, so bring yer grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, sisters, brothers, kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids. Be just like the Christmas concert back in Morin Creek, w/out the goodie-bags at the end, or my Mom playing “Here Comes Santa Claus” on the pump organ.

Jason Crocker’s with me at the Karma this Thursday, the 24th… he’s good.

New Karma, Old friends

Once more, with feeling…

Well, I’m gonna try this Thursday night thing once again. The last time kinda fizzled out when extenuating circumstances beyond my control forced a premature end to the proceedings. Those of you who came to those nights back in the dog days of summer know how much fun it was, and when Jeff Shipley informed me that he had taken over the Karma Local Arts House and asked if I’d be willing to revive the Thursday Night songwriter showcase up there in the Marda Loop, I jumped at the chance.

Same format as before- I invite a different songwriter every week to come in and play a feature-length set, book ended by short ones from yours truly.

This Thursday, Nov. 17th, Ayla Brook from Edmonton’s AA Soundsystem will be there, followed by Jay Crocker on Nov. 24 and Stagger Lee Shedden on Dec. 1. Karma’s at 2139 33 Ave SW, in the heart of Marda Loop. Shows start at 9 pm, with no cover.

The shot above is courtesy of Allan Parker, who was kind enough to come down and snap a pic or two at last weeks Karma show.

It’s a great room (as many of you already know) and w/ Mr. Shipley at the helm, good vibes and libations will abound, no question. Come out and hear some awesome songwriters and help get the new improved Karma off the ground.

In other news, the Brass Tax and I had some big fun out in Vancouver at the Western Canadian Music Fest, and while I packed my tuxedo for nothing (the Waking Eyes took home the… um… ‘coveted’…? “Best Independent Album” award), we had a couple great shows at the Lamplighter and the Railway. Thanks as always to Dawn, Jen and Owen from the SBR crew, Ox, Dan Grisdale, Marek and Ayla, and of course our great friend, Ken Beattie. All these fine folks ensured a good time was had and the hangovers were cured.

I recorded some stripped-down songs as a duo with Jay Crocker at Sundae Sound a while back and they may see the light of day in the near future if I can get over my disturbing lack of self-confidence.

Also, the Brass Tax album is slowly taking shape; hopefully it’ll be done in the spring. Look for some shows in the near future as we test-drive the new tunes. That’s it for now, I think. Keep warm.